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David Peaston

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Can i
Have a talk with you
Can i
Make a dream come true
Oooooh can i
Be in love with you
(speak: here is why i need to know)
Cause i..... would, if i could
(speak: let your mind relax and lay your head on my heart)

Can i
Set your soul on fire (ooh baby)
Can i can i can i can i
Be your one and only desire
Ooooooh can i, can i , can i
Be in love with you (speak: you see)
Iiiiiiii.....would, if i could

Maybe you are lonely
And just haven't realized
That i'm lonely too

And all i want to do is bring happiness to me and you

Ooooooooohhhhh....... can i, can i, can i, can i
Can i, can i, can i, can i, can i love you?

Hear me, see me, touch me, and love me
Kiss me and hug me, doll me and move me

Feel me and hold me, love me and soothe me
Take me and rock me

Love, wrap your arms around me
I want to feel your love

Oooooh can i, caaaaaaan i
Can i.....(scat)

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