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H Blockx

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Get out of me wanting to be
Stronger than me you are not me
Cause i feel and i fear whatever it is
It can't be what's me
Drills out a hole inside my soul
Fills out the hole i want you to go
I hear you, i fear you, you're in me

Caught in myself like nothing else
Deep in my cells you ring the bells
What i feel's as cold as steel whatever it is
It's my achilles heel

Can't break my fear

I go out to drink don't have to think
Can't find a link, feel like a sink
Just to feel none is real whatever helps
To wash the pain away

Starting to doubt what i'm about
Inside a cloud can't bleed you out
I see you, i fear you, you're not me

Hang on so long, until you're gone
I know you're strong and that you're wrong
But i feel and i fear whoever you are
You cut the deepest scar

Can't break my fear

Cause i am scared! i am scared! i am scared!
I am, i am, i am, i am, i am... scared!!!

Can't break my fear

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