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River City High

pochette album Can't change the world
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Date de parution : 25/04/2000

Durée : 0:02:5

Style : Alternative

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Tell me why i try.
Show me who i've moved.
I'm penning thoughts that speak to empty rooms.

It's easy to forget.
The things i feel which are important.
Are only in my little world.
And the things i say.
Even if i open a vein.
Won't make much of a dent.

Can't change the world.


Oh, a song should go like that.
Oh, pick up a pen and kick back.
That's not how it is.
Can't you see?
Something had to happen to move me.
An ounce of my life and a lot of time.
Are all i can offer college ruled lines.

Can't change the world


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