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El Debarge

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Date de parution : 08/04/2008

Durée : 0:04:08

Style : R&B/Soul

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Can't get enough baby
Can't get enough of your love sweet darlin'
Oh baby
Last night was incredible
You showed me things
That i've never, ever seen
I swear, it's unforgettable
Girl, i can't believe the freaky things you did with me
Lord knows how well you danced into my heart
You know, you didn't miss a beat with me
I swear, i swear i didn't think you'd go so far
But, oh no, i was wrong
You did everything, and i swear i
Can't get enough, enough of your love
Can't get enough of it
God knows how much i love it
Can't get enough, enough of your love
I just can't, can't get enough of it, of your love
Last night was so sensual baby

You gave me love
Like i've never ever dreamed
I swear it was unusual
Girl, you showed me special things no man has ever ever seen
God knows i never felt this good baby
You knew just what to do, just how to please
I swear, i swear i didn't think i'd get so hard
But oh no, i was wrong
Girl it's what you do to me, and i can't
Please, please, please come over here
And let me taste your sweet love again
'cause i never knew a girl
Who could make me feel so good
Now i know i gotta have it
All the time
(hook x3)

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