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Beanie Sigel

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Date de parution : 05/04/2011

Durée : 0:04:22

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Honor, trust, respect, devotion, friendship
Loyalty, karma, team, us, rock, solid
(i can't go on this way)
The evil, damn

With no union and no benefits no dental plans
I can't eat off no 100 grand
I got cavities that need filin'
You can't feed a nigga peanut chews

Now, put ya feet up in a nigga shoes
A lack of green a give a nigga blues
A sip of purple make nigga rude
Make a grown person speak his open tomb
(i can't go on this way)

Fuck dat, i can't do it man
We make this chips off this gift
That we curse with
And then my mind drift
Am i defeating the purpose

'cause you feel like shit
When miss your sons first shit
But who gone pay da bills supply
The meals no surplus

My baby, moma
Give me drama on the daily
Like she makin' it barely
And my kids is eaten rarely man
(i can't go on this way)

Shit, i'm stressed out
I'm going through it i can't do it
If you put puppies in the oven
Do that make them biscuits

Put hungry dogs in the kitchen
Will they eat the kittens
Do you hear me or you listen?
It's a big difference
Do you catch the line of the hook
Or are you still fishin'?

These are a couple questions
That i, need to be answered
Is these back woods
And weed givin' me cancer
(i can't go on this way,ohh)
Shit ! i'm stressed out
Gone do it, i can't do it

My moma say
I gotta nerve stress
Got her wakin' up
In cold sweats

I'm hard headed an owe
What make it worse
My lil brotha behind me
Blood pressure runnin'
Like harriet she cant handle it

I gotta screamin'
"lord jesus", like a hellya
Son i'm tellin' ya
Please don't make me bury ya
(i can't go on this way, ohh)
I'm stressed man
I'm goin' through it

I was taught to trust in, allah
But still tie up ya camel
Use your tongue as your sword
And your book as your ammo

But when those bullets start flyin'
And you got pussys around you
And who you rely on on
Let them niggas surround you

Shit it make me fill like young keenth
From the start i was finished
How niggas start wit finish
And begin wit a ending?
(i can't go on this way, ohh)
I'm stressed out
I can't take it no more man

I'm movin' ass backwards
With no forward progress
Feel asmatic like tread mills do from joggin'
Stagnat runnin' in place is tragic
My heart in the faith, i don't practice

I still pray, allah
Forgive me for my actions
'cause i spit gangsta
Think muslim and act kaffa
( can't go on this way, ohh)
Shit i still gotta feed my youngin's
And supply the hundred an', freeway

I can't wait until the rain turn to sunshine
'cause i hate to spend my life
My life, my life, my life
Duckin' one time, free patrol the block
Get avoidin' by the government avoid the spot

Can't wait till rain turn to sunshine
'cause i hate to spend
My life my life my life my life
Duckin' the cops
(i can't go on this way, ohh)
I fell you big homie young gunnas

Uh, straight from the ghetto to ghetto
Or from the youngest be the ghettoist ones, uh
Tryna make as much as we could
Tryna make it but they gone make it hard as much as they could

That's why , that's why
That's why i hate 'em and dem crackers
Ain't nothin' wit out paper
They look at us wit nuffin' and ah ah
(i can't go on this way, ohh)

Came to far and i ain't goin' backwards for nothin'
I ain't bein' distracted by nothin'
Migits size to dekemba
I ain't back up from nothin'

Moms still stressin'
It ain't the kids its the bills stressin'
She hold it down on her own
She held me down at the crib

Hold me down when i'm gone
She held me down as a kid
Hold me down
When i'm grown an, ah
(i can't go on this way, ohh)

I choose not refuse
Not down on my own
No off da streets runnin'
Wit da hottests lable in da industry

The hottest lable got an nigga lot of enemies
So now, when i go in baseline
A nice size rachet
To throw in waste line

I gotta make mine
Mom bills ain't gettin' paid in
Kids ain't situated
(i can't go on this way, ohh)

Y'all gotta make a decision before us
'cause they way that we livin' ain't all good
Around the way
Where them hatin' ass niggas don't like us
Despite them we gone do it regardless
But all this commotion they causin' i ain't wit it

We ain't wit it
They can get it all it takes is a call
And my dogs will be down let da rounds
Gotta admit though
(i can't go on this way, ohh)

Someday gotta forget it though
Consequences for my sentence
Gotta forgive us though
(i can't go on this way, ohh)

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