Paroles de Can't help it

Jonathan Segel

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Date de parution : 03/10/2007

Durée : 0:03:49

Style : Rock

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I'll bend the physical laws of time and space
To get back to you
Layers of light fall away from your face
When i'm with you

I see the world shine within your eyes
But i guess that comes as no surprise
I can't help it

I'll cross through the borders of the wind
To get back to you
I hardly know where you end and i begin
When i'm with you

Every new flavor finds its place
You are the special seventh taste
You can't help it

I'll break the physical laws of space and time
To get back to you
New universes form in the corners of my mind
When i'm with you

You know the secret, but i do too
It makes us do the dance we do
We can't help it

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