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Earth Wind & Fire

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You want my love and you can't deny
You know it's true but you try to hide yeah yeah
You turn down love like it's really bad yeah, oww
You can't give what you never had yeah

Well bless your soul, you can fool a few haha
I know the truth, now so do you how how

You can't hide, i betcha... whooo
Betcha, betcha
Can't hide love, can't hide love
Well i betcha, girl i betcha
I can't hide yeah, feel it inside

You can't pretend there's nothing there
Girl i look in your eyes, see you care
So why not stop tryin' to run and hide
You won't find out if you never try

You want my love, whoo i betcha, oh woo oh
Whooo... betcha
You want my love, well i betcha
Girl i betcha
Woo oh-oh woo, i feel it inside

Love has found the time for kissin', yeah
Can you find the time to listen?
Lifes' found the time to want you, yeah
Can you find the time for blissin'? yeah how how

Ahhh ahhh ahhh........

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