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Uh, you see what? i can't keep on killin my self trying to heal you but, we all gutta make it clear for each other huh..
I used to have dreams of marring you no doubt visually making you my wife but let me believe it that we don't have it sometimes i thought that true love will never end even though if we try to push it harder we can't break it cause the piller between us is kinda hard na na na really strong that's a fact but please juss don't blame yourself saying you caused it i juss believe it that it was meant to be but if you want you can put the blame on yourself i really don't care cause it's you who will die due to stress gutta believe that i'm calling love for fun they say i'm too young to built even though we used to have sex anytime i needed it but let's not forget the point that i'm too perfect for you so you don't deserve me yaaah that's a fact i'm blurm in my zone cause in this love game you need more time you don't have to take what's bad or not ready to be eaten juss forgive me for telling the truth i tell that i play the fool in this game and that i was gonna leave her then she cried like a baby begging me to stay hahahaha the only option i gave her was to stick to a player rules and run with it she agrees prolly it was a fool lanent trick knowing that i'm over her damn i can't love you

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