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Same shit, different toilet
Niggas hungry but lately we not know where the toilet
That real shit is on my mind like a broidery
Some war friends, end up without the loyalty
Between the half see yo homie fall
Shit is sad but you gotta let some niggas go
For the drag, you need emotional life vest
Them niggas not on my level, that shit is like wreck
Talkin sideways, fuck you a little too
Not lookin for no confirmation
Give a fuck with you to do
Hater proof, hate me or the ricochet
So how you wanna die? million of them pick the way
Shooters realer, more than ever, what you thought it was?
Forcing the do and dirt, you know we putting on the gloves
Gloves come out, then them guns come out
Another quick juice, come on sell me out, come on

(chorus: x2)
Dirty niggas, way too many pleasures
If i can knock i pray to god this be my last day
Niggas flossin, tryna tell me that i can't eat
All good, make you wait, these niggas can't sleep

Niggas pay attention who's alive and who's threatened
'cause niggas you ain't playin, take you back to the essence
Count your blessings, if we ain't run up on you yet
Most likely you're just waiting for the right connect
So fuck a piece, i need the line shared
You see the roaches circling, they hear me loud as that
Nothing but bodies in the way of our presence
Conditions to the cold and the early had message
I'm the voice of the forgotten, somebody had to rep it
Soldiers on deck, yall niggas off message
Any record formed against me will never pop
And a nigga could like the special ops
Your bitch out here giving up the box
In the keys, we ain't even have to pick a lock
You don't know where the crib, got word it's official
Why the fuck you think she even quick to fight with you

(chorus: x2)

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