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Karin Viard

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I’m... i’m
It’s... it’s
Well it’s just that, i just can’t, it’s not something
That i, well i thinks it’s…
I know what you think but
We gotta stick together
Learn to know each other
Like brothers and sisters
Well, if you know what i mean…
I’m, i’m... to be honest, actually it’s just...
I mean i tried
And now i’m so tired
And it’s not a crime
Well, if you know what i mean

‘cause i’m just a girl all right,
I made a mistake
But don’t we all?

In this world, i know you have to fight,
I just wanna take
My brick off the wall.

No more questions your honor

The thing is, i just can’t, i mean,it’s not that well.
I suppose that, do you really, it’s not like if, well...
I just want my family back

‘cause i wanna drive my car
And go very far
To live in la

And i... wanna be a star
And get an oscar
Like simone signoret

You thought i didn’t know!
You thought i didn’t care!
Fuck you! no fuck you!
No fuck you! no fuck you!

You’re my bich oh my bich
Baby ich liebe dich
Go back to your... niche
I’d care some fish and chips
I speak like a quiche
My tailor is rich
And i...
I can’t speak english