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Due to some violent content, parental discretion is advised

(verse 1)
I come out on top i'm sm-sm-smoking
Shots fired, like this is the us open
Took a hiatus, they tried to steal my thundah
No wondah that i'm always winning

My shows are always so packed
You can't even get in
Smoking blunts and fucking sluts is how i be living
Leave the competition cryin (leave britney alone)
After my shows, your girl's touching on my microphone

Let's make some noise,
On the block we make some noise

(verse 2)
Is that why you're mad? i can't even keep track no more
It's like i walk on the scene and it all goes slomo
I'm over your head like a fucking speech bubble,
I be fred flinstone, and you're just barney rubble

Another tour coming up intercontinental,
Winning but it's not coincidental, dental,
I'm unsentimental, yes bitch i'm mental
There's a party tonight that's in my suite presidential

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