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Screeching Weasel

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Always fond of girls who were just a little crazy
Always fondling which may be the fun of me
Always fond of girls with the hopeless hang-ups
I'm getting sick of it and i just can't take it

What did i do to you can't take it (x2)

Tell me you're in love but you wanna be my friend
Tell me that your fuck, show me all the scars on your arm
Tell me you're a headcase on a dead-end trip
And i'm there like a fly on shit can't take it

What did i do...

I never kicked a dog, stole a purse from a grandma
Never shot a cop never knocked over a liquer store
I never did anything all that bad
But somebody up there hates me and i can't take it

What did i do...
What did i do...

Get to me get to me get to me

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