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Cels Dupri

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When i put it in deep i said
When i played back the beat i said
When i snap on the track, told them count up the stacks, told j relapse he said

Can you feel
Cuz i feel it
Can they feel it
So let them feel it

(1st verse)
Damn man, aint nobody cold as me
Walking up anywhere, bet you notice me
Like damn aint that cels dupri with his whole damn team i'm like yeah bitch you know its me
Ima monster blanka willy wonka
Flip you on ya back then i say
All these niggas always wanna hate
But i don't let it faze cuz bitch i'm gettin paid
So ma tell me what you want
Tell me what you flaunt tell me what you on
Then i'll tell you what i don't do
She reply on the side
Like yeah we should ride
Cuz i really really want you gotdamn
Can't keep them off of me
Got yo girl over tryna do adultry
Gimme a couple stacks
For a couple tracks
Then a couple plaques
Is what they offer me
Uh i'm feeling myself
Uh i'm feeling myself
And they feeling me too
But i let em be cool
I told j i'm on he like yeah me too
Oh yeah, lucre over everything
I aint worried bout a bitch and her wedding ring
Tryna set me up
Say she wanna fuck
But i see right through her like nicki sing
That's why i keep my distance
From these snake ass bitches
See me after the riches
The vocals and the pitches
Make a nigga flow viscious
The hoe blow viscious she can even blow ditches
Ima show you who the sickest
I'm showing you the pictures
Of the visions i've done witnessed
So just sit back and listen
I'm on a money mission
I feel my palms itching
So tell me can you feel it?

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