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Can you find the hidden 'h' where it's hiding?
Is it on the ground,
Or in the sky,
Or part of something here?
Does it fit somewhere inside?
Is there somewhere it can hide?

Can you find it? (3x)
There it is!

Where's the secret 'r'?
Can you see it?
Is it in the train,
Or on the tracks,
Or at the station house?
Is the 'r' inside the tree?
Where oh where can it be?

Can you find it? (3x)
There it is!

Where is the 'l'?
Is it under the chair?
Is it growing in the hair?

Where could it be?
We have looked everywhere,
And i'm sorry to say,
That it's part of the 'h' which isn't fair.

W: now where are you hiding 'd'?
D: ah, you're never gonna find me!
But my question to you is, 'w', where are you hiding?
W: i have no idea. i've been looking everywhere.

Where is the 'm'?
Is it invisible?
Or is that against the rules?
Where can it be?
Well it's right in front of you,
And i'll give you a clue,
It's an upside down 'w'!

There are letters everywhere in this picture.
There's a 'b', an 'f', a 'z', an 'x', a 'p', an 'o', a 'y'.
There's a sideways letter 'q',
The afore mentioned 'w'.

Can you find them? (8x)
Here they are!

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