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An ending, fitting for the start.
You twisted'n'tore our love apart.
Your life, fingers through the dark.
Shattered the lamp, into darkness it cast us.

You know you've got it the wrong way round
You shut me up, and blamed it on the brown
Cornered the boy, kicked out at the world
The world kicked back a lot f**king harder now

If you wanna try
If you wanna try
Theres no worse you could do
Uh uh oh
I know you lied (i know you lied)
I'm still in love with you
Uh oh

You can't take me anywhere
(i can't take you anywhere) x2
I'll take you anywhere you wanna go
You can't stand me
(no, you can't stand me now) x4

Have we enough to keep it together
Or do we just keep on pretending
And hope our luck is never ending

You tried to pull the wool, i wasn't feeling too clever
And you take all that they're lending
Until you need amending

If you wanna try (if you wanna try)
There's no worse you could do
Oh oh oh
I know you lied (all you do is make me cry)
All those words they ain't true

Oh oh oh

Can't take me anywhere
Can't take you anywhere
Can't take me anywhere
Oh i'll take you anywhere you wanna go

You can't stand me now
(no you can't stand me now)...

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