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Reign Of Lies

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Here comes the time human race is an empty shell
Enjoy the meat they provide, lets eat them all
Change my, change my mind, change my mind
Express for once
Im a cannibal
Express your love
Express your taste
Hey man youre empty
Hey justify your life
Hey you failed the test
Hey im gonna eat your face
You dont deserve my pity, im here to punish
Wash my hands with children tears and mothers milk
Rip the, rip the flesh, rip the flesh
Human race could have a bit of taste
For once this bitch could have a bit of grace
Collect the bones, youre flayed, i devour your skin
Feel me now and realize, lets eat them all
Suck the, suck the throats, drink the blood
The time has come, only way to love your fellow
Is to become a cannibal, lets eat them all
Rip the, rip the cage, eat the heart.

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