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(verse1: t-mave)

This our anniversary
But i dont have to
Take you out
Show up with my other hoes
I dont fake you out
Hit the stores by myself
I dont drape you out
You putting tapes on my phone
Why you stalk me ow?
I no im no perfect
But im not who you make me out
I had your love last year
And now you breakin out why breakin out
Cuz you know you wont let it go?
You know i'd love to but
Maybe i should move on,
(distorted)and still got price bills payin you out
Destroyin my badder things and making out

(chorus: deezy)
Just the way you see it,
I'll never be the same
The right place you got me
Just put me on ya knees
You can see it that i need you
My life aint so easy
But time will always come

(verse2: deezy)
Time will come,
Its what i call love,
But aint complainin
Its you i kept blaming
Its you i been dating
I like it when your sad
Because i would be glad,
My dad told me that;
To be more faithful
I cant let you go,
You're all i have
I've let you be the best
I dont know who's next
But i know who was there
You make me crazy and now i feel laced in
To see you again
My life aint so easy
Poppin you i have been
The wanted
Lets jus' live in peace
Enough wit' yo fears
Thought you'all no'
Im deezy n cool


(verse3: kingbytemusiq)
Lets get this done and dusted with
What we did still matters
I cant let go of you
C'mon girl lemme hit that ***** 1 more time (1more)
I can still smell your scent about a hundred miles (miles)
I swear your ***** be the remedy
Recomended by my dr f kenidy
Er'day up goes all yo ratings
Gim'me strength bay' to liven up the stage with you
Till the sh*t i talk about are nearly heard (nearly heard)
I liked it better when your temperature heated so much
70/80 degrees than my current level
I kinda like saw thru you like a diamond bezel (kingbytemusiq)
And im on it like......yeah


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