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Meg Bergess

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6 months down the drien
I know you messed with my brain
I think you used me for her
At least i'm pretty sure
I can't stand all these lies
You know they kill me every time
I stand tall with my
Shakey hands, i can't stand,
Losing sleep, i'm down on my knees,
And i can't see.
I really don't think i can acuse you.
I think i might love you too, but
Its kinda hard to be sure
When all you do is walk in and out of my door
You get more controlling every day
And i have nothing to say but
(repeat chorus)
I don't think we could ever be the same
When all we do is play the same stupid game
Your just a jerk
I just can't make this work
I truly didn't know that you were that low
I really didn't think that are love had a kink
I don't know if i have you love
But what i do know
(repeat chorus x2)
Its over.