Paroles de Canteen blues

E.c. Davis

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Canteen blues
I got the canteen blues
My baby sued
Down to my tennis shoes
She got drunk lord
And wrecked her car
Sued my ass
And now she's got my bar

Passed a law the other day
Patron get's drunk
You gotta pay
Get's in his car
And has a wreck
Damn crazy but it's your neck

Law once said when your 21
Big guy now you can shoot a gun
Also says you can drink and smoke
New law's passed
That made it a joke


Tavern owners you better beware
Drunk leaves your bar
It's your hair
Next thing you know
They'll pass a new law
Give a party
Your left holding the ball

What did i tell you a verse ago
Heard the news on the radio
If a guest get's drunk
Damn lock the door
He get's busted
And you'll get yours


Morality moms must be
Passing these laws
Screwing with business
Especially the bars
What ever happened
To the land of the free
You get drunk
They're gonna stomp on me

Chorus (repeat 2 times)
Last time repeat she got drunk----

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