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Date de parution : 04/05/2010

Durée : 0:03:49

Style : Pop

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I wanna take this time out from rapping right now
It's just something really personal to the world
I wanna dedicate this to my baby
Since i know that he listening...i'ma always be your girl
See maybe y'all haven't been in love like i've been in love
And maybe you've never felt the things that i've felt
See i've never had this tingle inside from a man
It feels like...he makes my heart melt
I mean the way that he looks at me...
It's a look i've never got from another brotha
He's smooth, got swag, calm, collected
And you know what else...
He's a damn good lover!
See he knows what it takes to keep a smile up on my face
And he knows when i'm feeling uncomfortable and our relationship is outta place
The taste of his lips
The swag in his walk
How he so disciplined, ambitious and the way that he talks
Ah capricorn!
Um um um!
Stole my heart and i don't even want it back
He can have it...he can have it...he can have it...he can have it
'cause he got it like that
So independent, focused, and he knows how ta love
Who would have dreamed in a million years it would be you
He's the tenth sign of the zodiac
One of the most serious and stable
Reliable, responsible, and the characteristic that i like most is
Ladies, he's always ready...willing and able
Now when god created him...i know he had to be in a good mood
'cause my man gives me the utmost respect
And ladies he's never disrespectful
And he's never rude
Loving,caring,and giving
He's all of the above
I just wanna say thank you god!
For giving me all i've been dreaming of
I feel like cinderella when she found her prince
I can remember i was looking for love but i ain't been looking since
My capricorn
His charm, his motivation, his patience
All combined together in one man
Strong...but careful
Of every move that he makes...all of the stuff that he takes
Real...not fake!
A capricorn! the capricorn!
That's all i ever needed...all i ever wanted
So i took this time outta my let you know how i was feeling
About my capricorn
Baby i love you...your love is here for me
So wherever you are...whatever station that you're listening to right now
I'm here
Somebody call my capricorn home for me
Or better yet, i'll do it myself

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