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Date de parution : 06/12/1998

Durée : 0:06:06

Style : Alternative

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A funeral moves. under the cloak of night
Captain clegg and his smuggling pirates ride
With contraband of the finest brandy and wine
Hidden inside a macabre coffin disguise

A tombstone reads "captain clegg, r.i.p."
Yet still he sails across the phantom seas
Such a holy man for all of you to see
The village vicar: - his secret identity

Frightened people, fear the evil
In their leader - captain clegg

The kings revenue men - learn of clegg's illicit deeds
From a local trader - now a corpse who no longer speaks
If you cross his path - he'll slice off both your ears
Have your tongue cut out, and reduce your life to tears

Perish all of you - who betray me
Your ghostly leader - captain clegg

A few words from collier...

He wore the mask of the skeletal creature of night
His oath was terror and "blood!" his battle cry
He was a wanted man, who escaped the hangman's noose
The parish leader - his pirate clergy in the loose

He sailed the phantom seas, catered for community needs
The village master - captain clegg

He was a ghost rider - phantom night creature
Evil leader: - captain clegg. r.i.p.

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