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Ugly Americans

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I was abducted by an alien while i was walking home one day
We took a ride around the sun and then we cruised the milky way
He looked like elvis presley must have looked before he died
But he was quite a pleasant fellow so i thanked him for the ride
He told me of a time when battles they would not be fought
Instead of waging wars governments would just be bought
And sold to the highest bidder i said you're such a kidder
Go figure

Calling captain lubritron
Calling snizz

I was talking to an old man
Hoping that i'd understand
The only thing i learned that day
Was that he didn't give damn
I'm holding on for heaven's sake looking for some kinda break
I'll pass on all the bullshit i've had all i can take
I'm trying to do the right thing i'm hanging by a kite string
Walking on a tight rope seeing what the future brings

Calling captain lubritron
Calling snizz

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