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Kalina Tyne

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He claims it's overrated, mad at the jokes i'm making
But he can't deny
As i wait for an answer, i can't help but fall faster
And i don't know why
Wishing i could tell him

I'm captivated by the way you speak
We bottle up our love like an antique
I love the way you compliment me when you're frustrated
You keep me blushing and when you cry
I only wish your hand could cave in mine
It may be true, this love is complicated
But baby i'm captivated

And sometimes when we're walking, we can't seem to stop talking
But i don't say barely anything at all
He keeps my worries at bay, 'cause i dream 'bout running away
We're just one step short of a fairy tale
Wishing i could tell him

(chorus) (2x)

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