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Date de parution : 17/02/2009

Durée : 0:02:5

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Statik selektah
Liberty city baby

(verse 1)
I'm starving, think i got about six bucks left
I'm looking for a victim that i can rip up quick
Yeah, i'm trying to find me a jerk, coming from work
A skank, coming from the bank so i can get her check
Somebody wondering whether they're up next
If anybody resist, i'll slit their neck
It's hood intellect, grip em up, take things
Show them you don't give a fuck, shoot em up, bang bang
I hang with a gang tang, drinking forty ounce malt liquor
Try to play, i dump the blinker make his brains hang
Today it's the same thing, run up on a homie with the sig
If he like jibbs, trying to let his chain hang
I'm taking that, i'm pardon that
I got to him first, yeah i know you hating that
When i double back, you know it gets worse
Car wilding purse, i'm eating all of that

(chorus) x2
This is a car jack, you about to get your car snatched
Don't get your life took along with that, fall back
This is a strong arm, make sure you remain calm
Me and your anna about to take off, and we'll be long gone

(verse 2)
When i shoot, you better duck
Don't a fuck about the long arm, of the law
We can brawl, we can draw guns
You getting money dummy? yeah a need a porsche on
Not trying to give it up, well fuck it i extort funds
This is how it goes, east to the west coast
Don't matter where i'm at, don't he got import guns?
I got gorilla heaters, nine millimeters
With all medical procedures i avoid sons
Over in moe, ne, y, listen
I let them bullets from the semi, fly quicker
I'm screaming out loud, why whisper?
Come to me, i'm coming to your house, wide disher
Count on me is barking out loud like a pit bull
If i run out of bullets then i stick you
With the knife yeah i'm driving a '09
Lawless, making people lose they life in the '09

(chorus) x2

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