Paroles de Car sex (get it on)

The Supervillains

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Date de parution : 09/10/2008

Durée : 0:03:02

Style : Reggae

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Get it on, yeah we like to get it on, yeah

Be the ignition and i'll be the key
And i'll stick it in stick it in stick it in nice and slow
Like ron jeremy in a porno with a 19-year-old
Be the receiver, i'll be the qb
And i'll throw it back and forth with you all night long
We'll rock until the break of fucking dawn
Because you know that we came to get it on

It's 9 o'clock at the fish camp
In my truck so no one can see
A jagermeister and a o-b-p
I got a whole bunch of weed
I got a hottie riding shotgun about the recline her seat
She takes a swat, i start to sweat
She goes down on me

Baby don't cry, just give me some head and we'll both be fine
Cause i'm lazy tonight, who needs a bed when my seat reclines
You don't need hydraulics
Put 2 alcoholics in the backseat of a car with no radio
Rocking to the rhythm to the break of fucking dawn
Cause you know that we came to get it on

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