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Calvin Crabtree

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Well known, but so alone.
Waiting for love but i'm stuck at home.
Criticized by my peers.
I known them girls for years.
Still i'm heart broke thought of as a friend.
I'm dealt a bad hand, but ima bluff.
I'm stuck chasing romance. will i ever find it.
Brought up to love now i'm confused.
None in sight something aint right.
Where'd i go wrong?
Maybe as a kid not knowing it would effect my future still i feel i have done no wrong.
Out of sight out of mine, but i was right there by they side.
Feeling so forgotten, next i'm an old man with nothing not a single person in my life
Yeah at time is cry but you win some and you lose some so ima play my cards right.
May not even at all. never was one to play games i'm different but every where i go the lady are the same


Melted heart withered due to love gone.
They down to get fresh lack of companionship
Man is this how it is.
What's the game, where's they key.
All that's going on i'm just trying to find me.
Don't need no mink no gold chain.
Just a rose and a open mind not spoiled or jaded to love.
So i can fell that acting relaxing with passion sharing plans for life
Lovely lady more than alright
In part in heart and hope to stay
Love work business then back to the loving
Here for something everyone call her shorty i call he munchkin
Only one real still a connect vibe
Them special things that stand out but really aint nothing
How she is don't pay when it comes to love
Still i'm lost not searching just expected more.


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