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Deeds Of Flesh

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Date de parution : 24/10/2008

Durée : 0:03:42

Style : Rock

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Old man sick in the head
Consuming the young
Mass murderer
Brought them to
His slaughter house
To butcher, to feast
On their remains

Carnivorous ways

Tender young meat satisfied his hunger
Making meals from the entire cadaver

Carnivorous ways

He's eating their meat slowly
He's eating their meat slowly

Her meat
Tasted so sweet
All the way
Down to her little ass

Skinning the body parts
Picking his prime parts
Eating the young
Mass murderer
Brought human pieces
To his home
His hunger... is forever

The entire feast lasted nine days
Gorging away his carnivorous ways
Raw livers his favorite entree'

Deep intestines were thrown away...were thrown away

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