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Doin' time in the passin' lane,
Bubba's got the hammer down,
About the time we get where we're goin',
Were rollin' out of town,
Our lives change with the weather,
And it's comin' down in sheets,
Don't get me wrong, we love what we're doin',
But it sure would be nice to be...

Back home in the country,
When a storm blows in,
Where it feels like heaven,
When that water his my skin,
We live in a downpour,
But it's just not the same,
Nothin' washes my soul clean,
Like that carolina rain,

Sixteen hundred miles away,
Cruisin' thirty thousand feet,
Dog tired from last nights show,
Dozin' in the window seat,
I was dreamin' 'bout a beautiful woman,
I left her with tears in her eyes,
When i'm back in her sweet arms,
Then i'll know that i'm...

Repeat chorus:

Sweet water pourin',
Rain, i can feel it now,
Rain, lord it takes me...

Repeat chorus:

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