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Built To Be Broken

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Date de parution : 23/02/2014

Durée : 0:03:34

Style : Alternative

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Do you remember when this street was just a dirt track road?
The air was clearer than that winding carolina home

It goes on and on and on
Like a record spinning round and round and round
Until i start
Tear it all apart
And go come around

It's coming up
Coming up
Coming up from the ground
It's the feeling of your hands pulling me to the sound
It's the feeling of your hands pulling me off the ground

I know i always say
The grass is greener by the coast
But i think i realize the grass is greenest when you're close

I hear you calling
I feel you pulling
I know you're more than i ever could know
I heard you whisper
Inside the thunder
I'll always need you like h2 needs o
When this is over
I will be stronger
I will be more of you less of myself
I feel you out there
Pushing me forward
I've never faced nothing quite like this felt

It's rising up
Rising up
Rising up
Nothing's holding me down
The only feeling is your hand
Pulling me off the ground

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