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Jack Strange

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Verse 1:
The carnival is over now you say
You must have met the juggler yesterday
And i in all my silly innocence
Gave to you my last fifty cents

Youre like a carousel a carousel
You picked me up and kicked me off like all is
Youre like a carousel oh well oh well
Youre like a carousel a carousel
You run around in circles like a ride from hell
Youre like a carousel from hell oh well

Verse 2:
When i held you in our first embrace
The gypsy woman laughed into my face
And all the spotted horses fell in line
Knowing you would soon give them the sign

(repeat chorus)

Came inside bought a ticket to ride
Stood in line waited quite some time
Took my turn had a lot to learn
A nickel a ride youre never satisfied
Never satisfied never satisfied

Verse 3:
Well i must admit i had myself some fun
If i was a clown youd be the one
But i dont care for living in a tent
Anyway my moneys all been spent

(repeat chorus)

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