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My serotonin's rationed, i'm coughing
I kind of caught the blues
But you won't catch me complaining
To the super or the news
Cause the carrot's gonna dangle
'til the diamond is appraised
And all that talk made me feel rich baby,
But tell me, who is gonna pay
For braces to make straight,
All that colgate keep my white tooth-innocence?
My smile's in sad shape,
All the dead weight i got tired of carrying
Yeah it's got me looking for a friend
Or a crutch i can depend on

Well there's endless entertainment
In thinking the world is gonna end
And i live some nights convinced of it
But i keep waking up again
With my girl wrapped 'round my body
And a towel wrapped 'round my head
She says, you passed out in the bathtub,
Angel, i thought that you were dead

Don't die on me, don't tread on me
My love, my love is not the enemy
And you don't have to be no-one's biography
Yeah they try and write you down and hope you go crazy

So don't
So don't
Don't fall for that christ-bait it's about as pass as rock star arrogance
Tomorrow's a new day but it's that same face and you'll be wearing it
Now you don't have to be content! but you do have to get on with it

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