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Date de parution : 19/11/2010

Durée : 0:04:52

Style : Pop

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(lyrics: gold / music: gold-bloss)

We must have played
For more than ten years
We must have thought
That we're immortal
Shame, shame on us,
Ah little hussy,
What did you think i was
I look at us
We have grown older
A lot too much
For me to take
I thought
We were immortal
I'm so sorry
I couldn't keep my promise.. carry on your flag for you
Some superhero-being

It seems to me

That we are changing
There ain't no limit to imagination
The world just turns around
Without a care
Sometimes i feel like crying
And every time
I need to touch you
How can i ever
Break the distance
That's why my love
Became so strong and pure
That's why i keep on
Trying forever.. carry on your flag for you
Some superhero-being
For you
Some superhero-being
Under the light of the moon
For you..
I'm coming soon.

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