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Hi i'm robby's sister, i guess that's plain to see
When we watch cartoon cartoons, i'm happy as can be
I think samurai jack is cool, and dexter's laboratory
I miss watching power puff, i miss watching t.v.

Well livin' the tour bus ain't that bad
But i feel like i lost all that, i have

On cartoon network, i miss you so
On cartoon network, where did you go
Grim and evil, how i love that little brain
Johnny bravo, can i smack you once again?

I hope you've learned a lesson here

Treasure what you have, don't make the mistake i made
The rockstar life is sad

Well, livin' on the tour bus is, pretty bad
And now i'm sure i know, the meanin' in my life
The love within my soul
The reason i wake up each day, and it's:

Cartoon network, i miss you so
My cartoon network, where did you go
My cartoon network

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