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Date de parution : 05/04/2005

Durée : 0:03:31

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Lets get a bit acquainted, hey, its t-o-n-e-d-e-double-the-eff, with the famous flow/
Known to be flipping syllables even when the pace is slow/
Gracious, no! save your soul, guess who is coming to take this throne/
Break this whole motherfuckin game down, and reclaim crowns/
Cause im sick of layin down watching these companies reign now/
When its obvious something is playin out, on the stage while youre unconscious they shoving to gain ground/
And sedate crowds with the same sound theyve been layin up into your brain loud/
Enough to take any rational thought and leave your brain clouded to rap as just pop/
Isnt it insane how niggas be keeping their face frowned/ perpetrating their need to erase clowns they remain proud, till the minute you see them in lace gowns/
All the sudden, they flee to escape town, theyre ashamed cause they got busted/
Just because of that, and not really because they regret what theyve done, is disgusting/
This discussions meant to function as a general centerpiece sent at these enemies bent on resenting me, better be set if we enter the end of peace/
Settling isnt an option no more/
We gon box in this war youll be hearing them bells before we knock on your door/

Now that you been initiated up into this movement, get at your favorite idiot whos spits/
Hit him a little bit with your 2 fists, kick in his grill until he is toothless/
Give him a min to get up and cue this, single out eve-ry limb thats wounded/
Whip him again with a heavy pool stick, dig on his bitch, and then beg he do shit/
Ruthless roots of abuse set loose for execution/
Of any groups that get us confused with petty fools wholl let you crew win/
Check the movements, fluent as i ever was, i said it! because-
You would never think that a nigga that never drink would ever step it up to get a better buzz/
On the regular the odds youve leapt ahead of us, are prolly less, than oedipus hating his mother
Or disney hiring sexual predators/
Senators getting elected a 3rd consecutive term, a nurse who doesnt do enemas/
Permanent henna, a surfer that catches more waves then your current antennae does/
Sure i make it look effortless, with every sentence that tends to be cleverly/
Penned more wreckless then session ingesting hennesey, blends/
More treacherous than even being the kennedy men/
And for any requesting the identity of the technically best mc? guess, but yep its me.
Step to see, the a new strain of the plague, raised to abuse breaks/
Unphased of what you say, cause i dead lines, all without a due date/
Im the new age. new school. new page. new rules.
Any attempt to try to pull away is just a doomed fate for a few fools/
Qn5, represent the true scene, so were guaranteed one of two things/
Either were showered with praise or were simply hated by every review team/
What ive stated was meant to reduce kings into paupers, and to seduce queens to get topless/
And to revolutionize everything you think hip-hop is.

Buckle up! brace yourself! knuckle up! take no ls/
Dust to dust! say farewell! (your) numbers up! save yourself!
Buckle up! tight! were gonna tussle! were gonna fight!
Until you never touch another mic! or its your life then case closed!

(repeat x2)
Buckle up! brace yourself! knuckle up! take no ls/
Dust to dust! say farewell! dont fuck with us! save yourself!
Buckle up! tight! were gonna tussle! we gonna fight!
Until you never touch another mic! or its your life then case closed.

This is the way, we ever gonna see that it stops/
And if not, you might as well give up on hip-hop/
Cause this is the case, in this day and age/
We gotta kick in your face if youre just in for fame

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