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Death Immortal

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Date de parution : 01/08/2013

Durée : 0:04:02

Style : Heavy Metal

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Deliver us the evil deliver us the sad she's alive and kicking except her daughters dying dead
Looks like another abortion in jerkwater usa talk
A sociopathic, maniacal bastard, a political basket exploited on cnn news * higher
Seems like sleeping with your sister is ok there too
America the beautiful america the sad population zero in thinking man's land
Inbred zombies with a dictionary iq
If they can do it, i can do it, if i can do it, we can do it change without a media blast
Shocker this just in her new business is coat hanger abortions. news at 11

C-a-s-e-y mother fucker you will die

Now it's kind of over she'll look over her shoulder waiting for her dying day
I wouldn't want to live those thoughts every night
Innocence lost the brightest start burst twelve douches did nothing for change
The media kind of pushed everyone along to the next thing
Now the nation cry's while the little girl died justice was a thing of the past
Looking for another way to sell newspapers
Forget that what is that justice don't last when the systems smashed
Media? lobbyist? politicians? special interest groups who really runs this country anymore
C-a-s-e-y mother fucker you will die

We gave up this earth, to loser showcase whores, who cash in on others pain
Under the table, dirty deed like cain and abel, brother fucker, brothers' wives
Vicious toothless wrenches, were stuck here in the trenches, swinging for a honest few
By now we should have somehow realize what we got to do
C-a-s-e-y mother fucker you will die