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Foster The People

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Put it back in on the vine of this (system) (x8)

Around six,
Smoking at me blood muffled top just ring the bell rocking from the heavens into hell
(intergalactic triad killer)
Eyes opened up like christmas
Kicking fits and foaming at the mouth just like them drunken wish-em wells,
You big sucker i've got you now,
I kick back, stick remove the ones or twos who always tell the truth
The new moses part a rooms full of laughter
I rock a black tie like a 1960s master,

Extra extra you can read all about it

I ain't got no quarrel with them viet cong,
Dying to dodge the draft like an uppercut, stripped the title snapped the cuffs
Yeah i called the bluff on all you racist mother (what)
And i won.

Put it back in on the vine of this (system) (x8)
Float like a butterfly sting like an army(x2)

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