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See this beautiful place
Beyond time and space
That shines of glory and grace.

It holds a reason to live and
Something good to believe in
And love to embrace.

You thought youd found what youve been longing for all your life,
A velvet dream that kept you warm and helped you stay alive.
Yet theres a bitter truth you know but fear to say it aloud -
The day will come and you will feel its time to give it all up.
Its only

One more thing to say goodbye to,
One more memory to fade in time.

On a cold winter day
When life seemed pointless and grey
Three children gathered to play.

The game enchanted their minds
And brought a sense to their lives.
They played it hours away.

It was the symbol of their friendship and their guiding light.
They made a promise to each other then to stay allied
For all eternity, to keep on playing day and night.
But once they grew up they got down to earth afraid of height.
It was just

One more thing to say goodbye to,
One more memory.

A man with scientific lust
Researched the ashes and dust
To find a key to the past.

To ease a neurotic strife,
The greatest work of his life
He had completed at last.

But though the mysteries were solved and truth was free to fly,
He found it cannot change the world however hard you try.
The course of history forever will remain a lie.
The past is gone and youre not blessed before the day you die.
Its only

One more thing to say goodbye to,
One more memory.
One more squad of false illusions,
Washed away like castles in the sand.

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