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Date de parution : 17/10/2012

Durée : 0:08:31

Style : Rock

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Shame on you babe, you were fooling, you were playing me for a joker girl
In the dark times when i needed you, you were running like a clown babe
You were only building castles, castles in the sand
Maybe you don't need nobody, and you sure don't need a man
Baby that's alright, hey, baby that's alright

You ain't got no true religion girl, and your home is in the wind
And the way baby you treated me, all your friends know it's a sin girl
You were only make believing, just the way a baby can
And you had me true believing you, and your castles in the sand babe
Hey, baby that's alright

There's a whole world mama needs living in, try to do the best you can
Baby i don't need no woman, building castles in the sand girl
Believe i'm leaving in the mornin, believe i'll leave bout the crack of dawn girl
Baby don't make me none of that coffee, when you wake up, i'll be gone girl
It was just like taking candy, taking candy from a baby's hand

You don't need nobody, and you sure don't need a man
Hey, baby that's alright,

Better have your fun girl, get your kicks now, raise it up when you can
Big ole rip tide, he come runnin one day, on your castle in the sand
Hey, baby that's alright, hey, baby that's alright,
Hey, baby that's alright...

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