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Date de parution : 16/06/2010

Durée : 0:04:58

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Well this ain't sweet and it ain't pure
And it's taken me out of my comfort zone and into yours
Lord it ain't dusk but it ain't yet dawn
Yeah it's somewhere that's in the between, above and beyond

And lord, lord i feel bare
My hand is grasping thin air

Well you ain't wrong: i ain't complete
But you're trying to sell me a catapult i do not need
This ain't your fault, but i've got lost
Cos i launched myself into your orbit and did not tie off


You ain't a ball, and this ain't no chain
But i think i'll sneak out of the window before you awake
For this love ain't wild, but it ain't tame
And the bloodhounds have taken to my scent, and they want their game


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