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Bob Dylan

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Billy crain
She sits in the dark all alone
Silent and cold as a stone
Don't want to remember
What she can't forget
She buried those memories, but they won't let her rest
Children never have a choice
When they are the victims
They grow up without a voice
Lost among the living
She has to cry till the tears make her numb

Needing a reason, but answers don't come
She is the lonely one, scared but there's no place to run
Now all the damage is done, but she's not the only one
Daddy was a man of god
A liar, a cheater and a fraud
Who was the sinner when he layed his hands on her?
Now she's a desperate angel
Undoing his dirty handywork
She always wondered if she was to blame
They covered up everything, but her hurt and shame
1990 sony songs, inc.

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