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Public Enemy

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What you reap is what you sow
And what you keep is what you owe
And what the people want to know
Is who's gonna test the throne?
What you got is what they want
And what they see they say they need
And people bleeding from the greed
Now who's gonna cast the thrown?
Thrown at, thrown under
Throw to the side, thrown up the...
So we're throwing down
Thrown under the bus dragging on the ground
Power to the people saluting the underground
Against those staying in mansions
Spitting down at us from up the higher ground
See the people, fight the power, face the poor
But that one percent, they shut the door
In god we trust all money, this is slap in the face
To the rest of the whole human race!
Post racial... haste
Change your name, but you can't change race n the united states
People say they're kings, some say they're queens
If we all gonna eat, what does it all mean?
We watch and listen, but i leave it alone
But who's gonna catch the thrown?
Divide and conquer, the oldest trick in the game
Is the war between the people who are really the same
As the rich get richer, the poor get bitchie
The people keep kissing, the feds don't listen
This recession seen a black depression
Situation in a nation heading for desperation
No quarter back is sat on a couch
Inside the black america is ouch!
Government don't love you and president's executions
End up looking like some final solution
Murder is the institution backed up and hacked up
By some hand written constitution.
Do what you do! buddhist, christian, hindu, muslim and hebrew
You're all what you do, i'll be seeing human beings that stew
Yet never have so many but screwed up some few!
We watch the kings and queens and what they owe
But who's gonna catch the thrown?
(there's a man going round, taking names)
This system was designed to incriminate
Genocide was designed to eliminate
Equality is a myth!
They had me in jail for a crime i didn't even commit!
The stereotype
They feel every color is inferior, right?
Brothers who resist i consider a threat
From sitting bull to malcolm x
In the land of free and suspect elections
John kennedy had the mob connections
President reagan sold guns to iraq
Yet they're trying to say the criminals are all black!
What's up with these corrupt politicians?
Them drugs they be shipping, but they never go to prison
And a fucked up system that they never tried to bag me
Fuck zimmerman, guilty, clearly!
Cast the thrown, you gotta test the fire
Is that the one per cent that you need, you got to occupy
Catch the thrown, i gotta test the fire
Is that the one per cent that you want?
You gotta occupy!
(there's a man going round, taking names)
Free the mind, prisoners
They ain't listening
F the po-po, but who dat whistling?
Foes making the killing
Juxtaposed against those giving a living
Give me something, cause musicians be official
Is the need to feed replaced by the greed
I ain't trying to yell at you or sell at you
The bs they already told to you
End up being sold to you
Did i mention?
The cheapest price is to pay attention
Now the chess is just being at your best
With that you can hold your own
Fuck! who's gonna catch the thrown?

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