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Date de parution : 04/10/2011

Durée : 0:04:54

Style : Alternative

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Little bird, have you got a key?
Unlock the lock inside of me
Where will you go? keep yourself afloat,
Fearing old, run till the wings
Caught me a long wind
Where will we go?
Keep ourselves afloat

Caught a long wind
A long life when
I got to know the sky
But it didn't know me
Got to see the light
The light on top of the sea
Be the burn, be the key
And now the current tells
What the wave withheld
And the light inside
Where the light will lie
Where will you go?
Keep yourself afloat

Caught a long wind
A long life went
Like a swallow
A night owl
A little chickadee
Sad sparrow
Good morning bird
Ooh, good nightingale
I took a deep breath
And caught a long wind

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