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Father Einstein

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Verse 1
Hide away your face in a hollow hiding place.
Draw the curtains, gather round,
When youre lost without a sound.
Find a place to lay your pain, and end your weary day,
Warm yourself beside a flame, crying all the way.

Caught in a crosswind, trapped in a storm,
In the centre of a hurricane, bitter and forlorn.
Crushed under the weight of a never ending fate,
Caught in the crosswind of a storm.

Verse 2
Find a shelter in your heart if lifes tearing you apart.
Speechless can you answer why,
Justice seems to pass you by?
Play the game always the same, each and every day,
Every time you hear your name, melt and fade away.

Repeat chorus

Believe theres a brighter tomorrow,
And breathe away all of your sorrow.
Retreat from your shame, escape from your pain,
Take control of your life.

Repeat chorus

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