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Regardless Devon Victory

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Verse 1:
Picking pose - did you get froze - they explode - for the reality - i think that the poet - don't know - that he choose - the come and explode - for the reality - of the posture - of the evening - for the relax - but bitch ass niggas don't wanna be no fag - putting thoughts in drag - you get a stag - but you wont see me in the magazine - you get mad - but ive been bad - now my holsters- rolling coasters - from dayton ohio to oakland - you open - it's easy - so close to be on the first - of the deaf - now that i caught that tramp
Damn i think i caught that tramp - yes i think that i caught that tramp - some of your men are tramps - bitch ass nigga fuck a fag -
Verse 2:
No in the loose mode - in the cover you crept under and touched my "penise" - close to the fucking niggas - that rep real shit - and live real in they life - and now that i got the torch - and then you in the positive - for the blocking - i love using the word positive - in the nigga getting deadly - hanging with wrong people - if i catch - then i catch - i better forget you - where you coming from - what was it like - in the roam - in the minutes - of the fucking bitches - in the wishes - thats cold - but maybe it aint
Verse 3:
Now that we got this 2013 year off up in this - and the past 2012 and eleven - aint no body dying - house files get wild - now you in the past - in the fresh - of the nigga didnt handle his business - and they don't know - that he can't be on the world wind - and then you fucking with my money behind my back - then thats the reason why im gonna kill your ass - in the flash - of you changing diapers - not me - now be a man and women - im striking people down - like my name was conan -
Verse 4:
In the language that speak - you are the prom - we are the club events - you got me bent - we hood over yall - and thats that - in the body where you get caught by somebody - in the after effects - where they catching tramp ass niggas and bitches; - doing tramp ass shit - thats just it - where you at - afraid of the rat, ta, tat, tat, - now you can be a nigger - i bet - i get this left - i like white people - but no "honkys" - in the post of the happens - in the globe of the unity.

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