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Artist: obituary
Transciptter/copy righter: lslasher (slt)
Band's artists:
Frank watkins
James murphy
John tardy - vocal
Trevor peres
Donald tardy
Reconstruction - intravenous blockage
Rotting in the wastes below
Pain denies the soul
Killing, send you to
Your grave
Peeling, rid you of your skin
Trearing, rid you of your
Limbs infection soon sets in
Coming soon, the end of live
With the
Darkening light
Through the death of those
Rising of the dead
Killing for the need
Feel the blood spill from your mouth
With rotting ways comes destiny
We're dying for our souls to learn
Find the darkness, kill the day
With the darkness we arise
Your hell is
You're destined to die
The powers below
Living the pain
Life goes on, even after deth
Beyond the fearless cries

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