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Tripping Daisy

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It's time to close up, shop
And turn the lights down, start the show
It's time to pick your costume
Change the person you hate the most

Maybe you can be an astronaut
Maybe you can go to space
Maybe you can be the one that we scream about
Maybe you can go insane

Laughing, now you're standing there
Reflecting what you want to see
And your head is going back to toy
And build your needs

Maybe you can be a monster, that's right
Why aren't you, sucks the world of all it's hate
Maybe you can be a pigeon that flies around
And shits all over peoples' places

Flying, as you shed the skins of all the things
That turn you on, i'm off
Take your time to build the pain
That brought you 'cause tomb shop

Maybe you can be a reason to cry about
Maybe that would make you great
Maybe you can be a trophy that you won for
(unverified) living

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