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Date de parution : 17/07/2008

Durée : 0:04:21

Style : Rock

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Once upon a time
Thunder and lightning shook the sky
The sea roared up
The fisher's boat was thrown about

He found a cave
That gave him shelter through this night
The sea, it calmed
On his way he heard a shout

The thundering voice led him
Back into the cave
There he saw a light
From an opening
A gleaming lake with gold
From the ship named "camilan"
"it could be yours,
Why don't you grab this thing"

A thundering voice out of the sea
Steenfoll was his destiny

His greed for treasures
Made him wild and insane
He screamed out loud
And jumped into the lake

A hand with sharp, black claws
Reached for his neck
Condemned forever
It was for satan's sake

A thundering voice....

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