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Date de parution : 10/03/2009

Durée : 0:03:22

Style : Rock

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I wanna live life duty free
Let my instincts take the lead
I wanna take what i can get
Don't wanna choose, don't wanna beg
I want down from this family tree
I don't need no upward mobility

I wanna unlearn what i've learned
Wanna unearn what i've earned
Wanna burn my bridges down
Find a place i can't be found
This is my manifesto destiny
Tear down this awkward mobility

So tired of standing upright
The taller we become the more dollars we can grab
From that highest branch
And then step on your back, given the chance
But not me, i'm a bipedal back pedaler
Just as sure footed as i can

I'm no high society man
No suit and tie, no dapper dan
I'm no happy family man
I'm no husband, ain't no dad
I'm a goddamn caveman
This upward mobility is more than i can understand

I won't stand, no, i won't stand for it
I won't stand, no, i won't stand for it
I won't stand, no, i won't stand for it

I'd rather be all hands and knees
Yeah, i'd rather be swinging in the trees
With monkeys, with junkies and bums
And sloths and jailbird canaries
Yeah, that's me i'm a bipedal back pedaler
From sea to shining sea

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