Paroles de C.c.c. (counting cameron's crows)

Clark Kent Phone Booth

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Date de parution : 12/05/2012

Durée : 0:03:09

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Tommy bought a ticket for the saturday afternoon show with fast pop corn fields and slow kisses o' beer from last row empty seats and blue dim light "please be silent" said the neon sign from the motion picture searchlight one flash like a porthole through the dark starring actress winking at him everyone's a part to act in life everyone's a life to act in part here comes the saturday night (feels alright) the neon cinema sign (makes his spirit fly) another man tries the dream to cease the pain one for billie, two for him, three for the road he's surely counting cameron's crows tommy met blue billie playin' piano at night in the clubs he couldn't know that she'd leave in a handful of months took her to the latest show, loved her lips he felt like romeo when he felt pulsing the veins she disappeared like summer rain another dry scene in the ocean everyone's a part of life in act everyone's an act and life apart chorus + one for eva, two for helen, three for soul he's surely counting cameron's crows
Two years later same last row, blue billies voice said "i've come back home" she pulled him close to her tone an inner audience applaused rest of the story's already known tommy had the chance to make it right tommy played his part that day all right chorus + one for bob, two for andromeda, three for kurt he's surely counting cameron's crows he's surely counting cameron's crows

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