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Cheeky Girls

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It's your day, your special day
We all are here to celebrate
It's once a year your happy day
The light goes out but time stays still

There is no-one that can stop you
Scream and shout it's so good
Feel the beat and feel the music
It is time for cheeky dance

S.o.s. it's a celebration
S.o.s. 'cause it's partytime
S.o.s. it's a celebration
S.o.s. and it's time for fun

It's your night, oh what a night
Give me a kiss and we'll celebrate
I'm just a girl, and you're just a boy
All things i want, i want with you

Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus

Middle 8
Celebrate oh yeah
Celebrate so good
Celebrate let's go (repeat)
Repeat chorus to end

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